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Car Window Tinting Atlanta GA


Awesome Selection of Films For Car Window Tinting Atlanta GA
Glass Tiger Tinting has one of the largest window film inventories in the state. Priced to meet any budget, we can assure you that we will have the perfect choice for your car. If you have been doing research on window film prices, please bear in mind that not all films are created equal. It is also true that not all films will perform well against the intense summer heat. If you want tinting to stop heat, you must ask for it. You should also request to see a demo of exactly how much heat any particular film stops and how it performs.

We have set the standard for companies that sell window tint. Each customer that comes through our door will be educated on the different films we carry, and what makes them different. Each film is built to serve a niche, in order to meet budget requirements anyone may have. We understand this, and is the reason we carry such a large inventory. If you have been shopping prices, please be aware that a low quote will typically mean a poor quality window film is being quoted. Everyone has a budget, and we understand this.

Be sure to check company reviews to qualify someone to do business with, even if you dont choose Glass Tiger Tinting. Just randomly selecting companies without doing this research could possibly cause you to have a really bad experience. This is where we really shine, and you have more than 800 Five Star reviews to read on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. You work hard for your money, make it count with a company that delivers outstanding performance and treats customers with respect. Check our reviews, and find out how we take care of all our customers, one person at a time.

Give us a shot to earn your business. We promise to help you decide on a great film for your car, do the work on time, and deliver a pleasant automotive experience. Every film we install has not only a Glass Tiger guarantee, but we issue a Factory Backed Lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, discoloration and fading. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the work we do, we have not done our job, and you can rest assured that we will do everything we need to do to make sure you are happy with “The Glass Tiger Experience”!

Film Types We Carry
All the films we stock and install are manufactured by Eastman, and the brand name is Llumar. These films are top shelf products and you can read about the performance of each type by looking at the description below.

Window Tinting Atlanta GA

Llumar ATC Window Film

Llumar ATC window film is a great entry level film for people that are only interested in looks and privacy. Although it does boast a 99% UV rejection rate, it does not provide muchheat rejection and is not considered a "hi-performance" film. Backed by a nationwide, manufacturer’s warranty you can rest assured your window tint will look as good as the day you bought it, for as long as you own your vehicle.

Car Window Tint Atlanta GA

Llumar CTX Window Film

If you are looking for a premium ceramic film to install on your car glass, then CTX fits the bill. This film has impressive heat blocking capabilities along with an almost 100% UV rejection rate. Incredible clear and free of distortion, CTX is an outstanding choice for a high performance ceramic window film.

Car Tinting Atlanta GA

Llumar IRX Window Film

Llumar's IRX window film is in a class by itself. This film is a ceramic "hybrid", with not only ceramic nano technology applied, but comes with an added layer of infra-red blocking capability that provides outstanding heat rejection in comparison with other films it competes against.


Llumar AIR80 Window Film

Llumar’s AIR series window tint is a specialty film that provides superior heat and UV protection without darkening the glass on your car. Almost clear, AIR80 is the perfect choice if you dont want to change the outside appearance of your car, but still get all the benefits that darker, hi-performance films provide. AIR80 also is a great choice for sunroofs. It allows all the natural light to come through the port, but without the heat transfer. This film is also an awesome choice if you choose to tint the entire windshield and will protect the dash from damaging UV light, which can over time destroy interior leather, plastic trim and other interior parts. Installing AIR80 over factory privacy glass on trucks and SUV's will give the glass the heat rejection properties that privacy glass lacks. Factory privacy glass is not designed to stop heat, and AIR80 applied over these windows will not only stop the heat transfer, but will do so without making the glass substantially darker.

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